How Justin Bieber Got Famous!

Justin Bieber was on you tube and had his own account. He entered a singing competition just for fun and family and friends couldn't be able to be there, so he vidioed her singing and uploaded them on you tube just for them. Next thing he found was a whole bunch of suscriptions and ratings. His manager found him and pulled him to Atlanta (where he lives now)! One day he found Usher on a parking lot and Justin ran up to him and said ''Usher I love your songs please tlisten to me sing.'' Usher belw him of in the nicest way he replied '' boy its quite chilly outside lets go inside.'' Justin's manager Is good friends with Usher and he showed his videos to him and Usher said ''man i nedd to get this kid back.'' But then Justin Timberlake signed for hi aswell as Usher and at the end Justin Bieber chose Usher! Make sure you buy My world